Master Friedrich von Augsburg, op


The scribal arts - the calligraphy and illumination involved in the recreation of manuscript pages of the middle ages and renaissance has been a passion for me. I particularly enjoy researching and using the pigments and materials the artisans used in period. The satisfaction of cleaning and grinding materials to create that very special shade of ultramarine is addictive. And don’t get me started about the addition of REAL gold leaf. The results can be stunning.

As a scribe in the SCA, Friedrich is apprenticed to Master Gevehard von Baden.

In recognition of this service and mentoring, Friedrich was elevated to the Order of the Pelican. Friedrich has been more about service in the SCA. He has served his local Barony as Chronicler, Web Minister, Exchequer and Seneschal; is warranted as a herald at large; and has served the Kingdom as Kingdom Chronicler as well as several deputy Seneschal, Exchequer and web minister positions over the years.

My favorite music

  1. Celtic Thunder

  2. Acoustic Alchemy

  3. Crash Test Dummies

  4. Diana Krall

  5. KT Tunstall

  6. Joss Stone

  7. YoYoMa

  8. Bach and Mozart

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